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Sports Advisory & Investment Firm

Investors in Global Sports Innovation

Innovate. Accelerate. Invest.
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Changing the game

We Connect with and select Global Sports Innovation companies, using our Game Changing criteria and process to mitigate risk and maximise long-term success.

We Accelerate your business in agreed target markets (APAC) using our knowledge to tailor your offering and access to fast-track exposure to decision-makers.

We Invest in your business with our capital partners after completing active due diligence, working closely with Founders, building an intimate knowledge of the offering, and solving pain points for clients.


Our game-changing process


Is your offering a “Game Changer” and can XV Capital fast track growth and build value.


Advise on the value proposition and provide Access to key decision makers within target sports and segments.


Prepare companies for efficient capitalisation with our established Capital Partners.

Shaping the future of sports.