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We invest in global sports innovation companies

Using our Game Changing criteria and process, to mitigate risk and maximise long-term success.

XV has two active Game Changing portfolios

Acceleration Portfolio – we focus on fast-tracking growth and preparing companies to be capital raise ready.

Investment Portfolio – we focus on governance and strategy.
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ActiveXchange is a multi award-winning, passionate and rapidly expanding data technology company headquartered in Sydney with offices in the UK and Canada. We support a wide range of external clients as they use data intelligence to make evidence-based decisions to grow active and healthy lives of communities across the globe.
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BrainEye aims to be a brain health app, for everyone, that is endorsed by governments and sports leagues and governing bodies, owing to compelling real-world outcomes. BrainEye is a mobile-only, brain health eye-tracking technology, where proprietary AI algorithms analyse ocular biomarker data points in real-time.
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CoachMate's platform provides volunteers with ‘what to coach’ and ‘how to coach’, so they can help kids stay active and thrive. With CoachMate, everyone has the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of children.
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Credenza enables sports, fashion and entertainment to seamlessly integrate web3 technologies into existing operations to enhance direct-to-fan relationships.
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Clubfunders is a fintech platform built to address the distinctive needs of sport, its fans, participants and competitors.
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intaneous is an augmented reality graphics provider that captures data and brings it life in live broadcast.
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Sportable is sports technology and data company with ground-breaking ball tracking, player tracking and smart wearable technology.
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