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XV announces Innovation as a Service partnership with Stadia Ventures

Together, XV and Stadia Ventures have formalised a partnership to offer ‘Innovation as a Service’ to Australian and New Zealand sports organisations and live events.
Published on
March 28, 2024

Recognising innovation as a pivotal opportunity for sports, our collaboration aims to better serve athletes from the grassroots to elite, members, audiences, fans, administrators and commercial partners. It's not just about innovation itself; rather, it's about making innovation relevant, sustainable, and impactful. 

While the US and Europe have made significant strides in sports innovation, with organisations like the NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, and NHL boasting established capabilities, Stadia brings its wealth of experience in advising global sports entities. In collaboration with XV, Stadia are extending this expertise to Australasia through our 'IaaS' offering. This initiative is strategically designed to support sports organisations in regions where resources are limited, ensuring they can effectively consider, plan and execute sustainable and effective long-term strategies. 

Our joint strategy, underpinned by the alignment of ‘problem-solution-fit’, relevancy and commercialisation, ensures that solutions are not only effective but sustainable and deeply integrated into the fabric of each organisation's innovation strategy. This unique positioning allows us to facilitate partnerships that lead to groundbreaking advancements in areas such as participation, high performance, fan experience and engagement, operational efficiencies and revenue generation. 

During the SportNXT conference (Melbourne) we officially launched our XV-Stadia IaaS service with Stadia Managing Partners Alex Chalmers and Art Chou along with XV’s James Godfrey, Stirling Mortlock AM, Rob Smith and Marnie McLaren.

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