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XV Capital Partners with Clubfunders to Revolutionise Sports Payments Globally

Clubfunders, a Gold Coast based sports payments technology company, has today announced a strategic partnership, and equity investment from, leading sports advisory and investment firm XV Capital.
Published on
June 7, 2024

Clubfunders, a Gold Coast based sports payments technology company, has today announced a strategic partnership, and equity investment from, leading sports advisory and investment firm XV Capital. XV Capital was founded by former Wallabies captain Stirling Mortlock and business partner James Godfrey.

By creating innovative payments technology, Clubfunders is redefining how the sport ecosystem can more efficiently enable payments and transactions while providing additional benefits for each stakeholder group.

The benefits are accessed by simply downloading the Clubfunders app. The user is guided through an intuitive process to link to their bank account, with the assurance that their data is safeguarded with utmost security protocols. Clubfunders is a game changer for:

• Clubs, leagues and associations looking for a versatile payments platform that removes barriers to participation (for athletes, teams, brand partners) in sport, and provides options to create new revenue streams;

• Sponsors seeking flexibility, access to and alignment with an entire sports ecosystem, new customers, increased sales and a quantifiable ROI;

• Participants and families looking to save for and fund registration fees and other costs

• Professional / semi-professional athletes aiming to raise funds and their profile; and

• Supporters and members wanting to direct funds to participants, athletes and clubs or causes important to them.

Blake Lawrence, CEO of Clubfunders, said, “This partnership leverages the strengths of both organisations. XV Capital brings knowledge, expertise and an enviable global network at the intersection of sport, technology and investment. Clubfunders is powered by a passionate team with sports technology and commercialisation experience and an intricate understanding of payments challenges faced by the full spectrum of sport stakeholders”.

There are key issues impacting sports funding in Australia at all levels, from community to elite sport. These include rising living costs, reducing participation levels and volunteer involvement, increased registration and equipment costs, expected reductions in funds flowing into the ecosystem from the gambling industry and increasing competition for participants’ time and money.

The Australian Olympic Committee has identified a A$2 billion funding shortfall leading into the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games. Innovative technologies like Clubfunders that enable new funding solutions will play a critical role in helping bridge this gap.

James Godfrey, CEO and Founding Partner of XV Capital, commented, "We believe Clubfunders addresses a huge problem in sport, being creating and delivering new sources of funding. Payment systems are a necessity at all levels of sport for financial transactions, and Clubfunders keeps money in sport and enables people to direct funding to causes of their choice.”

“That could be a local club, your niece or nephew, an aspiring Olympian or the professional team your family has supported for generations. Funds can be allocated to all levels of sport and the individual user controls this”, he added.

Stirling Mortlock, Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner of XV Capital and Clubfunders Ambassador, added, "I was fortunate to begin my career in local club sport as a five year old and work my way up the system to eventually captain the Wallabies.”

“Individual, team and club funding is required at all levels of sport and I’m very passionate about Clubfunders knowing that this technology will help remove barriers and enable more kids to enjoy the same opportunities I experienced”, he added.

Clubfunders has recently announced preferred payments platform agreements with SIGNONDAY and The Rumble and will shortly announce a number of iconic sports clubs and other organisations as clients.


Clubfunders is a sports payment, funding and commercialisation platform that better enables a frictionless financial connection between all participants in the sport ecosystem – grassroots to elite ‘athletes’, their families, teams, clubs, supporters and commercial partners. Our connected financial ecosystem offers users new funding and monetisation pathways with every transaction supplementing or contributing to the likes of participant registration, equipment costs, the annual interstate tour or women’s changing rooms. We also offer brands the ability to directly fund talent from the grassroots to elite, support their local (amateur and professional) clubs and reward fans for their support and contributions.

At our core, we provide solutions to ensure every child can participate in sport regardless of socioeconomic status.


XV Capital invests in Global Sports Innovation companies, applying our Game Changing criteria and process to mitigate risk and maximise long-term success. As part of our process, we accelerate growth by navigating the complex sports ecosystem in target markets and connect them with key decisions makers in governing bodies and NSOs, professional leagues, teams and academies, player associations, clubs, schools and universities, venues and facilities, media, broadcasters and streaming platforms, wagering, government, philanthropy, and annual, major and mega events.

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